Wedmore Genealogy Pages

The Wedmore Chronicles were written by Rev. S.H.A. Hervey during the 1800's. The two volumes of The Wedmore Chronicles are unedited bound copies of the Parish Magazine.
They were produced sporadically throughout Hervey's time in Wedmore.
I have scanned the entire 358 page book into the computer and published it here, so that anyone with interest in the history of Wedmore can use this incredible collection of stories and histories.

We have also received the handwritten notes that Hervey was gathering (for possible new Chronicles?). These were donated to us from Wells Museum. They include unpublished information and additional information to what was already in the original chronicles.

You may make copies for your own use, but I ask that you contact me before you publish any part of this. It IS copyrighted. When I have some more time, and information, I will give a better history of the Chronicles.

Revd. Hervey didn't divide the Chronicles into very many chapters. In order to make the web version of The Wedmore Chronicles easier to read, on line, I have broken it up into my own chapters. I have done this in a logical manner, that shouldn't change the way the book reads. For example; Dr. Westover's Journal is put in one chapter in the original Chronicles. I have broken it up into the sub sections that existed in the original; Out-patients, In-patients and Farming. So where one chapter used to exist, now there are three.



Chapter One: Land Owners of The 18 th Century 1700-1800.

Chapter Two: The Westovers.

Chapter Three: Dr. Westover's Out-Patients

Chapter Four: Dr. Westover's In-Patients

Chapter Five: Dr. Westover's Farming & Miscellaneous Extracts.

Chapter Six: The Westover Family

Chapter Seven: Westover Wills and Inventory

Chapter Eight: Wedmore Vestry Meetings 1728 to 1850

Chapter Nine: The Vestry Meetings (Nos. 1-61)

Chapter Ten: The Vestry Meetings (Nos. 62-150)

Chapter Eleven: The Vestry Meetings (Nos. 151-254)

Chapter Twelve: Lord Arthur Charles Hervey

Chapter Thirteen: Wedmore Church, Part 1

Chapter Fourteen: Wedmore Church, Part 2

Chapter Fifteen: Wedmore Church, Part 3

Chapter Sixteen: Miscellaneous Notes.

Handwritten Notes, never published