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Hazel Hudson has just finised her new book about
Wedmore. You can find out more about "The New Wedmore Chronicles"
by clicking here.

Stanley Castle has just finished his book on Cocklake.
Go to this site to find out how to order it.

We now have four books available from this page

Pills, Potions And Plasters
is a book written by William G. Hall about
Wedmore's Dr. John Westover, who practice medicine
from 1686 to 1706. This book is only available on this site,
as Mr. Hall never published it. Pills, Potions And Plasters
makes a great companion to the next book, Dr. Westover's Journal.

Dr. Westover's Journal.
This is a transcription of Dr. John Westover's journal from 1686
to 1700. It contains a lot of names of local people, as well as
what injury or ailment they were having Dr. Westover treat
them for.
Thanks so much to William G. Hall, who transcibed this document
and made it available to our web site.

Wedmore Chronicles Vol. 2
The Wedmore Chronicles are a collection periodicals bound in one volume
The periodicals were published from 188 to 1898, and this Vol. 2 was
bound in 1898.
The Chronicles contain contemporary stories as well as historic recollections.
They are a very valuable resource for anyone with family from Wedmore

A Brief History of Wedmore
This is a very short book that covers the entire history of Wedmore up until
the mid 1950's. It was written by W. Marston Acres, a resident of Wedmore.

Hazel Hudson has written two great books on Wedmore.
You can find out more about the books here.

We have also received Vol. 1 of the Wedmore Chronicles, but it will be
a couple of months before it is available on line.

All of these books are copyrighted.
You may print them out for your own research,
but you may not publish them, in any way,
without my consent.