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Hazel Hudson has finished her third book about Wedmore.
This one is different from the previous two books...
in the past she has given us books that show the history
of Wedmore using old photos, with some information from
Hazel added to provide context for the pictures.

This time around Hazel Hudson is providing us with a series of
articles (mostly written for the local newspaper "The Isle Of Wedmore News"),
in which we are able to read about families, properties, crimes and traditions of previous
generations of Wedmore inhabitants.

Hazel's new book, called "The New Wedmore Chronicles"
is available from Hazel directly at
14.99 Book + P&P, which
works out to be a total of:

UK 18.50

Airmail Europe 20

USA/Canada 25

Australia 26

Surface Mail 20

Send a money order, in £ to:

Hazel Hudson,
Bempstone Hundred, Combe Batch
Wedmore, Somerset,
BS28 4DU

You can still order Hazel's first two books,
titled "Wedmore Past. A Pictorial Record Of Wedmore Parish" and "More Wedmore Past." which contain all kinds of photos and drawings dating from the mid 1800's to the mid 1900's. These books are a must for anyone with family from this great village. Information on how to purchase the books can be found at the bottom of this page.

Hazel has been kind enough to give me permission to quote her book and use her picture of
Revd. Hervey.

Wedmore Past

More Wedmore Past

If you are going to be visiting Wedmore, make sure you check out Hazel's walking tour brochures. They are a great way of learning about Wedmore. They take you through different parts of the village, pointing out interesting facts about various things you'll be looking at.

Wedmore Walkabout 1

Wedmore Walkabout 2

Wedmore Walkabouts 1 & 2 are 70p ( 35pence each ) postage Airmail USA, Australia etc 2 50p


Wedmore Past & More Wedmore Past 9 each + P&P

1 Book
2 Books
Surface mail
the price for "The New Wedmore Chronicles" and
the older books together has still not been worked
out, so hang tight while we get the postage for all
three books together