Wedmore Genealogy Pages


The burials are completed.
The notes portion of the burials are a bit
sloppy, as I haven't finished the old English/Latin translations
yet, but they are proof read, and the dates/names should be fairly accurate.
This means that all of the Wedmore Parish Records are on line.
I've also charted the registers on a monthly basis, which is sort of interesting.

The only way the next two people are going to be able to continue to
provide us with great information is if we support them, so I encourage you
to buy both Hazel and Stan's new books...

Hazel Hudson has just completed her third book featuring Wedmore.
"The New Wedmore Chronicles" is a great collection of items about
Wedmore's history and personality.

Stanley Castle has finished his book on Cocklake.
Go to this page to find out more about the book...
I highly recommend the book to everyone with
an interest in the Wedmore area.

I have added a link for people to donate funds to help me cover
the cost of running this site. I want to make it very clear that you
are most welcome to use this site without donating. I know that
many people are not comfortable with using on line payment.
Use this site as much as you want, whether you donate or not.
I have no interest in making a profit from this site, and I will remove
the payment link if I come to a profit situation (which I highly doubt).

Please note the donation amount is in U.S. $

If you have any questions about donating, just email me at the link

William G. Hall has donated his transcript of Dr. Westover's Journal
This is a great addition to the web site, and should be a great
resource for anyone with family in Wedmore between 1686 and 1700.
It can be found in the books section. We have also added a book
written by Mr. Hall, titled Pills, Potions And Plasters, which
gives us more information surrounding Dr. Westover's life.

We've added the 1851 Census from Gordon Beavington.

As well we've added a Wedmore Mailing list.
This mailing list allows you to share information with others with an
interest in Wedmore and the surrounding area.
You must join the list in order to post messages to it.

Marston Acres' "A Brief History of Wedmore"
is a short book, written in the 1950's.
It provides a brief but enjoyable look at Wedmore since the beginning
of time. A must for anyone with interests in Wedmore.

I was fortunate enough to go to the top of St. Mary's Church tower
on my last visit to Wedmore, and I created a 360 degree panoramic
photo from the top of the tower. If you go to the multimedia section you
will find a link to the panoramic.

Coming soon will be:
The Burial records from 1561 to 1839.

There will be a lot of new additions over the next few months...things like:
The LDS 1881 Census.
Wedmore Chronicles Vol. 1
A proof read version of the Baptism records.