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1851 Census of Wedmore

Below you will find links to the 1851 census.
This information is copyrighted by Gordon Beavington.
He has been kind enough to allow the Wedmore portion of his 1851 Somerset Census Transcription
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The census is divided into 8 parts, click on the census that features the part of Wedmore Parish that interests you:

Census 1 The Borough, Goosham and Wedmore Moor.
Census 2 Coombe Batch, Mill Lane, Flood Street
Census 3 Sand , Heathouse, Oldwood & the Heath
Census 4 Cocklake, Crickham
Census 5 Theale Chapelry, Mudgley, Newtown, Bagley
Census 6 Theale, Scotland, Penborough, Northland Teale, Latham.
Census 7 Blackford, Wellsway, Westham, Tealham
Census 8 Blackford, West Stoughton, Washbrook, Eastfield