Wedmore Genealogy Pages


Wedmore is a township and parish in the Mid division of the County 3 1/2 miles from Cheddar railway station and 8 north west from Wells (its market town) and 6 from Axbridge, in the eastern division of Bempstone hundred, Axbridge Union, County Court district and rural deanery, Wells Archdeaconry and diocese of Bath and Wells.

Wedmore is situated on a rising ground, surrounded by moors which in former times were deluged with water. The river Axe divides it from the hundred of Wells Forum and the Brue bounds it on the south: it is divided into five tithings, namely, Wedmore, The Borough, Churchland, Blackford and Northload - the last being in the hundred of Glastonbury Twelve Hides.

Theale and Blackford are ecclesiastical parishes taken out of this parish and given under separate headings.

This is an ancient borough, governed by Portreeves chosen annualy: a court is held yearly, where are appointed bread weighers, ale tasters, swineherd and bailiffs: the whole of this is now , however, a form.

The township is lighted with gas.

The Church of St Mary is a venerable cruciform Gothic edifice of the fourteenth century; it has a chancel (with a chapel on each side), nave and aisles, a transept, a square massive tower, springing from the intersection of the nave and transepts, with 8 bells; also a porch and organ: the fabric restored in 1880 at a cost of £2775 raised by voluntary contributions: it was re-seated with open oak benches, re-floored partially, re-leaded and a clock striking the Westminster chimes, by Gillett and Bland of Croydon, was added: there are some few ancient monumental tablets, one of which has the following quaint inscription: -

"Sacred to the memorie of of Captain Thomas Hodges of the County of Somerset, esq : who at the seige of Antwerpe, about 1583, with unconquered courage wonne two ensigns from the enemy, where receiving his last wound, he gave three legacies: his soule to the Lord Jesus, his body to be lodged in Flemish earth, his heart to be sent to his dear wife in England.
Here lies his wounded heart for whome
One kingdom was too small a roome
Two kingdoms therefore have thought good to part
So stout a body and so brave a heart."

It has some curious old monuments of the Boulting and other families. The register dates from the year 1560. The living is a vicarage, yearly value £370 with residence and including 71 acres of glebe, in the gift of the Bishop of Bath and Wells, and held since 1876 by the Reverend Sydenham Henry Augustus Hervey BA of Trinity College, Cambridge.

There are Baptist and Wesleyan Chapels with Sunday schools.

Here is a reading room for the use of the inhabitants.

Assembly rooms were erected in 1868 by a company, but have now become private property.

J. Woollen esq. left £1000 to the poor, the interest to be distributed yearly at Christmas, also an endowment of £300 to the Charity school. James Toogood, a farmer, left three acres of land, the yearly rent to be spent in Bibles and in other rewards to the labouring poor. The gross amount of charities is about £75 yearly.

Two fairs for cattle are held annually, the Monday before St. James and the last Monday in September.

Wedmore is often referred to in Glastonbury Annals: the island once belonged to its Abbots, afterwards to King Alfred, who left it by will to his son and successor, Edward. Here King Alfred had a summer palace situated on Mudgley Hill: hither the good monarch brought Guthrum the Dane, after his baptism at Aller, to complete his Chrism: no remains of this palace are now visible, but one relic of silver found among the foundations of the old buildings is still preserved by the representatives of the late Reverend J. Williamson of Theale. It is said that in the days of Glastonbury's glory there were in Wedmore no less than eleven chapels provided with priests: the remains of one are still visible at a hamlet called Scotland. A pot of silver coins, with the head and legend of Sweyn Hardicanute, was found in the Churchyard in 1851 and is now in the British Museum.

The principal landowners are John Frederick Bailey esq, who is Lord of the Manor, Edward Webb Edwards esq, the trustees of the late J. Woollen esq and Benjamin Tyley White esq.

The soil is varied, abounding with very rich loam, and the moors are very valuable for dairy purposes, much of the celebrated Cheddar cheese being made here. A great quantity of turf is dug which when prepared is used as fuel.

It is one of the largest parishes in the County, the area being 9,986 acres; rateable value £26,842; the population in 1881 was 3,060.

Stoughton Cross, Cocklake, Crickham, Heath House, Sand, Clewer, Old Wood and Westham are hamlets belonging to Wedmore, from 1 to 2 miles from the Church.

Post and Money Order and Telegraph Office and Saving Bank Benjamin Hurman Cock, Postmaster: letters delivered at 7.30 am from Weston-super-Mare daily; dispatched at 6.5 pm; Sundays dispatched 1.5 pm. Money Order office open from 9 am to 6 pm.

Insurance Agents: Church of England Fire & Life, J.B. Millard West of England, E.W. Edwards & J.F. Bailey

Schools: A School Board of 5 members was formed in 1875
J.B. Millard Clerk to the Board.
Board School, Sydney Norris.

Carrier to Bristol - James Bartlett, Tuesday and Friday.



BAILEY John Frederick, Manor House
EDGINGTON Rev Edwin (Baptist)
FORD Joseph
FORD William Flower, South Bank
GREEN Mrs, The Grange
HANCOCK Miss, Lurburn House
HERVEY Rev Sydenham Henry Augustus BA, Vicarage
HESSE Lieut-Col John Valentine JP
JAMES George
MILLARD John Burrel
POPLE Mrs George
STOTT Richard Lyde
TYLEY Richard Purnell MD, Speke Close
WALL Matthew
WALL Mrs Harriet
WALL Mrs Mary


BAILEY John Frederick, Solicitor, Commissioner to administer oaths in supreme court of judicature and perpetual Commissioner, Chairman of Wedmore School Board and agent to West of England Fire and Life. Manor House.
BANWELL, John, Farmer
BARTLETT James, Carrier
BATTEN James, Manager of Gas Works
BOND Cyrus, Swan Commercial Hotel and Posting House, Wine and Spirit Merchant and Farmer
COCK Jane Fry (Mrs), Draper, grocer and Post Office and Stamp Office.
COLES Henry, Machinist, agricultural implement agent and oil merchant
COLLINS George, Cooper
COLLINS George, Shoemaker
COOK Charles, Pork Butcher
COOK John, Pork Butcher
COUSENS Elizabeth (Mrs), Shopkeeper
DANDO George, Mason
DANDO James, Butcher
DANDO John, Painter
DANDO Robert, Farmer Lineage
DAY Charles, Farmer
DAY Simon, Stonemason
DAY Thomas, Tailor
EDWARDS Edward Webb, Solicitor and Commissioner to administer oaths and Treasurer to the trustees of Coiner's Cheddar Charity and agent to the West of England Fire & Life and the Eagle Life.
FORD Joseph, Surgeon
FORD William Flower, Solicitor and Clerk to trustees of Cards Draycot Charity
GAS COMPANY (C.A. Homfray proprietor; William Pople Sec)
GIBBS Joseph, Carpenter
GIBBS William, Boot and Shoemaker
GIBLETT Benjamin, Bookseller and agent to the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Office
GREEENAWAY Catherine (Mrs), Ladies Day School
HARVEY Henry, Coal Merchant, Corn Dealer and Contractor, and at Cheddar
HARVEY William, Cider Grower
HAWKINS, George and Henry, Farmers, Westovers
HENDERSON Edwin, George Commercial Hotel and Posting House, Wine and Spirit Merchant
HOLE William, Farmer
HURD John, Carpenter
INDOE James Henry, Ironmonger
JAMES George, Carpenter
JAMES John, Farmer
LARDER John, Stonemason
LARDER Joseph, Haulier
LEIGH George, Farmer
LEWIS Betsy (Mrs), Shopkeeper
LEWIS William, Seedsman
MARTIN Frederick, Painter
MILLARD John Burrel, Auctioneer, Appraiser, Land Agent, Clerk to the School Board, Emigration Agent, Agent to the Church of England Fire & Life
MILLARD Robert, Draper and Grocer
MILLARD William, Corn Dealer
MORGAN Mary (Mrs), Confectioner and Baker
MORGAN Richard, Baker
MORGAN Robert, Sexton
MORGAN Walter, Farmer
MORGAN Willis, Farmer
OXLEY Samuel, Plasterer
PARKER Ann (Mrs), Beer Retailer
PARKER Henry, Farmer
PARKER John, Carpenter
PARKER William Burrow, Grazier
PATCH John, Stone Mason
PERRETT James Mason, Common Brewer and Farmer
PINE John, Blacksmith
POPLE Frank, Grocer, Bootmaker and Commission Agent
POPLE Fanny (Mrs), Milliner and Dressmaker
POPLE William, Bookseller and Stationer
PORTER John, Farmer
PORTER William John Harvey, Grazier
PUDDY Thomas, Carpenter
PUDDY William, Baker
REDMAN Elizabeth (Mrs), Dressmaker
REDMAN George, Painter and Plumber
REDMAN Robert, Tailor
RIDGE Thomas, Saddler
RIDGE William, Saddler
SAWLEY Moses, Tailor
SAVAGE Charles, Brick, Tile and Drain Pipe manufacturer
SPERRING John, Farmer
STICKLAND Edward, Carpenter
STUCKEYS BANKING CO (Branch from Axbridge) (John Valentine Hesse, Manager) draw on Robarts, Lubbock & Co London E.C.
TAYLOR Charles, Tailor
THORNTON John, Chemist and Druggist
TONKIN John, Draper and Grocer
TUCKER Benjamin, Farmer
TUCKER Joseph, Farmer
TYLEY Frederick, Farmer
TYLEY Richard Purnell MD: Surgeon and Medical Officer and Pub. Vacc. No 9 Dist Axbridge Union, Speke Close
URCH William, Watch and Clock Maker
WALL Arthur, Farmer, West End
WALL Arthur Junior, Farmer
WALL Edward, Carpenter
WALL Edwin, Farmer
WALL John Barrow, Farmer
WALL Solomon, Builder
WATTS George, Carpenter
WHEELER Edwin, Sawyer
WHITTLE Charles James, Baker, Flour, Corn, Meal, Oil and Cotton Cake Dealer. The Borough
WILLIAMS Charles, Stone Mason
WILLIS James, Shoe Maker
WILTS & DORSET BANKING CO (Branch from Axbridge, open Tuesdays only 10 to 1; draw on London & Westminster Bank Ltd London EC.)
WOODWARD Ralph, Grocer


BENNING Jonas, Dairy Farmer
BRICE Robert, Dairy Farmer
BUNN William, Dairy Farmer
CARTER James, Shoe Maker
COCK Benjamin, Dairy Farmer
COCK John, Dairy Farmer
HEATH Lot, Dairy Farmer
HOLE James, Grazier
HOLE Edmund, Dairy Farmer
LODGE William, Dairy Farmer
WALL Edward, Dairy Farmer


BAKER John, Carpenter
BARTLETT Robert, Pork Butcher
BENNING John, Farmer
BOYCE Robert, Baker & Shopkeeper
FISHER Octavius, Blacksmith
HAM Benjamin, Farmer
MORGAN Mary (Mrs), Shopkeeper
POPLE Hannah (Mrs), Farmer
POPLE James, Farmer
POPLE John, Farmer
POPLE William, Farmer
POPLE William, Farmer
PORTER Henry, Farmer
PUDDY George, Farmer
SHERVEY Richard, Farmer
TINCKNELL William, Farmer
WEBBER Thomas, Farmer


BISGROVE (Mrs), Perrow
HEMBURY Richard, Kings Arms
HIGGS John, Farmer
PUDDY Samuel, Cattle Dealer
SLADE George, Farmer
TUCKER Henry, Farmer
TYLEY William, Farmer
WALL John, Farmer
WALL William, Farmer


ANDREWS George, Beer Retailer
BAKER Edward, Farmer
BANWELL Steven, Farmer
DUCKETT Matthew, Farmer
DUCKETT Michael, Farmer
EMERY Richard, Farmer
EVANS George, Mason
EVANS George Junior, Mason
FEAR Edwin, Farmer
LATCHAM John, Carpenter
PAGE Thomas, Farmer
WALL Benjamin, Farmer
WALL George, Farmer


EDWARDS Edward Webb, Sand Hall
WHITE Benjamin Tyley, Sand House
DURSTON Joseph, Farmer
FROST Charles, Farmer
HAWKINS John, Farmer
PUDDY Edward, Farmer
STAR John, Farmer


GRANT Stephen, Beer Retailer
LEIGH William, Shopkeeper
POPLE William, Farmer
PUDDY Robert, Cattle Dealer


BROWN George, Grazier
LOVELL Eliza (Mrs), Farmer
MILLARD Hannah (Mrs), Farmer
PHIPPEN William, Farmer


BISHOP William, Butcher
GREEN Sandy, Farmer
HEMBURY William, Grocer & Tailor
TINNEY Samuel, Farmer
VOWLES William, Pork Butcher & Butter Distributor
WALL George, Farmer